Leslie Zucker

I’m inspired by… movement! Not just moving our physical bodies, but moving through emotions, building emotional resilience, and maturing to greater and greater levels of personal and relational awareness. I believe that we sit too much, and we harbor too many frustrations – we can stagnate, if we’re not proactive. Yet, when we take better care of our physical and emotional self, we are clearer, wiser, nicer, more productive and overall better people.  

Things that make me smile include… people who are open-minded and welcoming of new learning and expansion. People who recognize that they are both a teacher and a student of life. People who are willing to dig deep into how they are showing up in the world and how that is affecting their experience of the world. Of course, as a fan of movement, you will always find me smiling when I’m dancing, stretching and playing outdoors!

When I’m not working, I’m… stretching, dancing, hiking, camping, cooking, gardening, entertaining, cuddling or walking the dog, or traveling with my husband. I have been known to be that person doing yoga in the airport or at a party. Sometimes I even get strangers to join me!

What matters to me… connecting with happy, loving, creative people who also want to help make the world a better place.


Leadership Coach and Agile Workshop Faculty


Leslie coaches individuals and teams on training, facilitation and human connection –  helping people feel better about their own contribution, while simultaneously growing their confidence to handle difficult personalities. She teaches people who feel anxious or uptight how to engage and collaborate with others (personally and professionally), resolving the common strains on interpersonal relationships.  She has authored dozens of training materials, showing trainers and facilitators how personal and relational awareness is the key to their success.  She is also the author of the popular book “Deliver Workshops That Bring in Clients”.  The book offers a practical, step by step methodology for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who love to teach, but struggle to find enough clients. Leslie has facilitated groups of 3 to 3,000 in English and Spanish using Open Space Technology, a participatory methodology that promotes self organization and personal responsibility. She has also mentored people (from university professors to human resource managers) to be more natural, confident and engaging public speakers.

Leslie’s key areas of expertise are in:

  • training and training of trainers
  • facilitation and training of facilitation
  • instructional design and curriculum development
  • organization development
  • life and executive coaching

Leslie has almost 25 years of international leadership experience, consulting, training and coaching in professional services firms, corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and professional associations.  Leslie has founded or co-founded four companies to date, and considers herself an entrepreneur at heart, always seeking to bring a healthy dose of creativity and levity to her work and clients.  She has worked in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe and speaks Spanish fluently and enough German to get by.

Training and Certifications

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – The Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Practitioner – CPP
  • Open Space Facilitation 
  • Client Attraction Business School – Accelerator Program


  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Northern Arizona University 
  • Master of Arts in International and Intercultural Management, World Learning Institute (formerly the School for International Training)

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