Speaking Services

Compelling. Transformational. Relevant.

But more than that….


When Marsha speaks, she’s focused on
engaging people in a thought provoking and fun way.

The core of Marsha’s keynotes relate:

  • Real and personal stories about her own leadership journey,
  • A distillation of the essence of the mindset, how the way we think and how what we believe impacts how we lead
  • An invitation, with practical tasks, so each attendee can easily identify or implement a change for their own personal growth and the growth of those they work with.


  • A broader mindset that will gain specific wins for your business when it comes to leadership, change, improving communications, Improved morale and deeper trust within your organization.
  • Insight and wisdom from real world examples to help make the application of theory and concepts tangible and actionable

Types of Events:

  • Conferences (Agile Leadership, Leading Collaboration)
  • Leadership Team Retreats
  • Company Meetings
  • Team Development

Speaking Topics Include:

Agile Leadership Stance
Explore the mindset and habits of an Agile leader. Understand the distinction of what’s required of the leader, and of their team in order to gain the next level of achievement. Identify what might be helpful to modify in your own organization, and how to best approach that change in alignment with Agile.

Comments from previous participants:

“Very insightful and allowed me to think about agile in different ways”

“Very interactive session and provided a new way for leaders to think about their role in agile”

Collaborative Leadership
You’ve heard that collaborative leadership gives your group a competitive advantage, but how do you do it? That’s what this interactive session covers, including specifics about navigating with the natural tension that exists within the collaborative leadership model.

Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams
This talk shares a brand new language for leaders. You’ll quickly identify and understand patterns that aren’t serving your team. While also being able to see and maintain what IS working. This talk is about improved performance for those who lead and facilitate groups, departments and whole organizations too.

Custom Topics
Let’s develop a custom message and talk for your next event. We’ll incorporate leadership, collaboration, agile coaching and facilitation for leaders to create the most useful message for your organization.

Share your vision and insights, and we’ll collaborate to develop your custom session.


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