Organizational Change

Change is constant. The pressures on organizations to keep pace with the changing business environment and stay competitive are real challenges faced by leaders every day which makes leading change one the most important issues leaders face.

Organizational change may include changes to vision and mission, culture, business process, new systems, or strategy. Whether a change is isolated or sweeping, the implementation process can be fraught with hidden obstacles, including assumptions, values, beliefs and behavior patterns that must be identified and addressed.

The Change Process

There are two main approaches to change. You can “install it,” that is to say, define the need, design the solution and tell people to get on board. Or you can “lead it.” Leading change is a collaborative and intentional process that takes patience and a willingness to engage in dialogue and challenge current thinking and assumptions.

Our change process helps grow the capacity of leaders to lead change and engages the organization in conversations for change. We believe that successful organizational change:

  • Gets the whole system in the room and engages them in the process;
  • Confronts the hard truths;
  • Co-creates a shared vision of the future;
  • Is an emergent and adaptive process, it’s an outdated model to believe that change can be unfrozen and re-frozen;
  • Builds the capability and capacity of people in the organization to lead the change;
  • Requires leaders to be involved and leadership from all involved.

We partner with leaders to design a process that will move your organization forward. We help executives form functional or cross-disciplinary teams around the change and design coaching programs that encourage the development of new mindsets and belief systems in parallel with a process or strategic change.

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TeamCatapult brought a deep understanding of organizations, processes, and people. Through their thoughtful, people-centered approach, we were able to engage in honest dialogue and strengthen relationships. Their customized approach, tailored specifically to our organization, has resulted in lasting, positive change including a clearer vision, direction and priorities that are supported by managers and staff alike.

Pat M.
Federal Executive


My team needed to take a strategic step back and analyze how we could have a greater impact. We needed an experienced consultant who could assess our strengths and challenges, work with us to identify our priorities in a collaborative way, and provide us with the tools we would need to implement our plan.

TeamCatapult came to the table with an open mind and a genuine desire to see our organization succeed. They are adept at facilitating large groups as well as providing the one-on-one professional coaching that was critical to our success.

Their process made everyone feel heard and, to this day, we lean on their communication techniques and approaches to build collaboration and consensus. Their individual leadership coaching provided critical training our leaders use every day to strengthen their teams and focus on results.

TeamCatapult became a trusted partner, guiding us through a proven process for determining strategic direction while ensuring buy-in from the team that would ultimately implement that direction.

Kara M.
Division Chief