Leadership Coaching

Accelerating Leadership Effectiveness

“Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders — EVERY TIME.

W.A. (Bill) Adams

Effective leadership, above all else, is the one true competitive advantage in today’s organizations.

At some point in time, all leaders will come face to face with that moment where the skills and gifts that got them where they are today are no longer serving them. It could be a new role, a new product, a new vision or strategy, a challenging partnership – something that challenges current thinking and calls forth a new way of being and doing.

Investing in leadership growth and development can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

We believe:

  • Leaders are made, not born; there is a leader in all of us just waiting to be discovered.
  • Leadership is a journey — not a destination.
  • There is both an inner game and outer game of leadership and growth starts from within.
  • Changing your actions begins with mindset – and mindset is a choice.

The Coaching Process

Our coaching process is tailored to each individual’s needs and objectives. Through a one-on-one confidential relationship, leaders partner with their coaches to identify goals for the coaching process. The coach works with the leader to develop a plan for coaching which may include a 360 assessment, ‘live’ observation and feedback, design of a support network with a boss, and establishing a plan for feedback. Typical coaching engagements last for six to nine months or more.

What happens in coaching is highly dependent on the client. Engagements are strictly confidential and all coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

Challenges Addressed in Coaching

Some typical challenges addressed in coaching are:

  • Getting clear about your leadership stance — what do you believe?
  • Becoming more aware of strengths and capabilities
  • Addressing gaps between what you want and where you are
  • Setting your leadership vision
  • Preparing for a new job or to take on more responsibility
  • Adapting to a new leadership role
  • Creating a vision of what’s next
  • Navigating relationships with supervisors, peers or direct reports
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Learning to give and receive feedback

Praise from our Clients:

“I feel more confident in describing my current team conflicts and helping to design a path forward. I see a change in some of the services my team offers to better serve individuals, teams and other coaches.”

— Keri S.

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