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How to Facilitate Agile Meetings that Thrive
Join us as we share three of the top mistakes we see Agile facilitators making and share invaluable strategies and steps to help you lead engaging meetings
This webinar is for you if...

You’ve invested hours and dollars in Agile training.  

You feel like you know the Agile principles really well. 

Your development team, management and product owners are all involved in collaborative meetings. 

You’re having Standups, Sprint Planning and Retrospectives.


Your Standups last an hour.

You make a decision in a meeting, and the next week you’re having the same conversation…again.

You find yourself both facilitating AND participating in the meetings.

Your development team is boycotting your meetings.  

"It teaches you a good set of tools that you can mix and match to optimize and solve meeting problems."  

Agile is more than a set of principles and practices. It’s a culture—a culture of communication and collaboration.

When a team realizes true agility, they can, indeed, nurture their member’s creativity, motivate them to perform at their best and ultimately develop better products faster.  

But when Agile is not implemented properly, it can become more painful than traditional top-down management.  

Here's What We'll Cover

We'll show you the common mistakes that keep teams from realizing true agility. 

Then, you'll learn practical solutions so you can:

  • Get out of your team's way and facilitate from a place of true neutrality 

  • Engage your team's creative power  

  • Turn meetings into effective, efficient decision making tools 

  • Motivate your team members to perform to their capabilities with ease 

  • Realize results without sacrificing relationships

"It opened my mind!"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  "Highly recommended - time well spent!"

"I thought I knew Agile. And then I got schooled."

​​​​​​​"...Very informative...Real life application..."

"...a great opportunity to learn new tools that can be used not just for work but in your personal life..."

"Being in the course is an amazing opportunity... even if you think you have enough knowledge or experience you will find more!"

Meet Your Agile Facilitation Leader
Marsha Acker, CPF, CPCC, PCC
Marsha coaches leaders and teams, who want to work in an more agile manner and lead change in their organization. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Structural Dynamics Interventionist through the Kantor Institute and Dialogix. Her coach training is from Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationships.

The biggest opportunity for today’s leaders is…to create engaging and collaborative environments that access the collective intelligence of their teams and also accomplish the desired results. I often find leaders who are really good at one or the other but struggle with creating both. Those that can cultivate range in their leadership have a real opportunity to achieve even greater performance. 

Thrive with Agile Collaboration
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Tuesday, February 19
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Take your Agile Facilitation skills to the next level.

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