Agile Coaching for Executives

Duration: 2 days

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Course Description

Agile Coaching for Executives provides executive leadership with an introduction to coaching skills and the necessary mindset, skills and capabilities to effectively coach others toward higher performance.

Coaching is one of the most powerful forms of leadership that agile leaders can practice today. It shifts conversations to be more empowering and engaging in a way that enhances productivity.

This course is an introduction into the skills being used in agile coaching and is best designed for an organization who has already made the commitment to grow their in-house agile coaching capabilities and would like their executives to be introduced to the same skills that their leaders and agile coaches are using.

Topics Covered

  • The coaching stance
  • The coaching conversation arc
  • Professional coaching skills including; Presence, Trust, Accountability; Articulation, Listening,
    Questions, Feedback,
  • Acknowledging, Challenge
  • The mentoring model
  • The mentoring conversation arc
  • Coaching and mentoring as leadership skills
  • Building your model for leadership – Discerning when to teach, coach, mentor, facilitate and lead

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