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  • How to create a shared, neutral language with your team that breaks through communication barriers to foster collaboration and high performance 
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Marsha Acker is the founder and CEO of TeamCatapult, host of Defining Moments of Leadership Podcast, and the author of two books: The Art and Science of Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Collaboration with Agile Teams and Build Your Model for Leading Change: A Guided Workbook to Catalyze Clarity and Confidence In Leading Yourself and Others.

Marsha is known internationally as a facilitator of meaningful conversations, a passionate agilest, and is unparalleled at helping leaders identify and break through stuck patterns of communication that get in their way of high performance. 

 About TeamCatapult

At TeamCatapult, we’re passionate about helping leaders be more effective, collaborative, and adaptive as they grow their teams, lead change, and achieve their desired results.

Through our on demand resources, workshops, coaching, and 9-month Cohort program, we expand your leadership capacity, help you tap into the collective intelligence of your teams, successfully navigate complex change, and gain the competitive advantage necessary for the 21st Century. Learn more

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