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The Facilitation Planning Toolkit
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The Facilitation Planning Toolkit Breakdown
How these templates fit into The Facilitation Process 
What's included?
✓   The Planning Canvas 
The Planning Canvas supports your initial planning conversation with the meeting sponsor (the person(s) who stands to gain the most from the outcome of the collaborative meeting). The focus of the conversation at this stage is the desired outcome: What do you want to leave the meeting having accomplished? Other key questions are: Who is the right group of people to attend and what will the scope of their decision making be?
✓   The Design Canvas for Meeting Agenda 
The Design Canvas supports the creation of the overall meeting agenda. Try putting the agenda in question format and share it with participants ahead of time. For example: What are the risks we face? What’s the highest priority risk? What are the strategies to mitigate the risk?
✓   The Agenda Item Design Canvas
A template for thinking about the details of the group process design.
✓   The Facilitator's Guide
The process of creating a detailed facilitator's guide helps the facilitator(s) be clear in their thinking about how they will help the group get from point A to point B. Create a guide for each meeting and be prepared to let the plan go if that’s what is needed in the moment! 
PLUS you receive the following as an added bonus:
+   The Facilitation Process
+   The 4 Reasons Agile Teams Fail
+   The Guide for Effective Hybrid Meeting Facilitation
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