Leadership Team Development

Developing the Collaborative Advantage

This is the most important team within the organization as it sets the tone and pace for the organization and models the desired culture. Establishing a cohesive, collaborative and results-oriented leadership team is essential to high performance and is a key indicator of overall organizational results.

Effective executive leadership teams are all about results, leadership effectiveness and collaborative relationships that build trust and align efforts to accelerate the execution of strategy. They don’t sacrifice one outcome over the others. Rather they build a way of operating together that taps into the powerful collective intelligence of the team. It’s in this space that leaders learn to create a shared vision and to act in ways that are powerful, courageous and results oriented, but also humble and keenly self-aware.

The Leadership Team Coaching Approach

Leadership Effectiveness is the Goal

Our process starts with an assessment of leadership culture, the health and effectiveness of the leadership team. The assessment provides the team with a picture of current reality. From there, we engage the team in setting goals for their work together both working on the team and working in the team.

Business Performance is the Context

The team coaching process is emergent and engages the leadership team in improving team effectiveness within the context of the real issues of the business – real time. We know that learning happens best when the realities of business are in the room and the team is able to work through those as they simultaneously work on their relationships as a team.

Conversation is at the Core

Throughout the process, we help leaders to become more credible and effective by improving the quality and manner in which they engage in conversations with each other and with those across their organization. We see dialogue as one of the most underused skills of a leadership team that once developed helps the team to sustain their collective leadership effectiveness.

“If someone were to offer me one single piece of evidence to evaluate the health of an organization, I would not ask to see its financial statements, review its product line, or even talk to its employees or customers; I would want to observe the leadership team during a meeting. This is where values are established, discussed, and lived and where decisions around strategy and tactics are vetted, made, and reviewed..”

– Patrick Lencioni, Forbes Magazine Interview March 26, 2012

Our Leadership Team Coaching services are ideal
for teams that need to:

  • Lead change within their organization
  • Align on leadership vision and direction
  • Re-connect and align after organizational changes or changes in team members
  • Take the organization to the next level
  • Find answers to difficult strategy or execution questions
  • Redefine strategy and approach

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