About Team Catapult

At TeamCatapult, we are passionate about helping leaders be more effective, collaborative, and adaptive as they grow their teams, lead change and achieve their desired results. Our services are targeted to senior and executive leaders at the individual, team and organizational system levels.

Our Approach

We all have limits. Every leader, team, and organization, at some point, will come face to face with the reality that what worked for them before might not be working anymore. It can be a humbling experience and also a launching point to something greater. At TeamCatapult, our approach is to co-create the future. We’ll help you build a shared vision, define the path and walk with you down that path, challenging your current beliefs and assumptions to help you breakthrough the limits that are impeding your progress.

We are proudly...


Each organization is unique with different needs, cultures, stories, leadership styles, vision and stages of maturity. There are no two engagements that have ever been the same for us. We work with what is emerging, in real time, and within your organization. That kind of work requires adaptability and flexibility, in the moment… and this is where real change happens!

Able to Bring Clarity to Complexity.

Often the things that are getting in the way of individuals, teams and organizations lie beneath the surface. They are hidden and therefore difficult to see and understand. Our approach exposes the beliefs, values, assumptions, judgments and behavior patterns that lurk below the surface, blocking progress. You can count on us to say what we see (even if it’s not easy to hear) in order to help you see it too. We’ll give you tools for revealing the hidden structures to sustain the work on your own.


This isn’t our first rodeo. We are experts in how people grow, how leaders lead, how teams develop and how organizations change — and we have the bruises to show for the work. We’ve lead teams and organizations and we understand the challenges that come with those responsibilities.


Each step of the way we’re working side by side with you — watching what’s happening and helping you create the change you desire. From an individual leader, to an executive team, to a team of leaders from across the organization, our goal is to build leaders of change — growing your capacity and ability to continue this work on your own.

Growing in Capacity and Capability.

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job — really, no kidding! If we’ve done our job well, you should be able to continue the work we started long after we’re through. That’s why our programs are a combination of learning, working with your real world challenges, putting theory into practice and evaluating what’s happening.


We’re passionately committed to helping you achieve your desired results — the question is: are you? Real change takes a deep commitment from our clients and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do some pretty hard work. It also requires going at a pace that might be different from your daily job. Change does not always happen according to the pre-planned schedule we would like. Our approach is not for everyone, so let’s talk about whether or not it might work for you.

Praise From Our Participants

Our approach is informed by a few core beliefs:

Conversations are fundamental.

George Bernard Shaw wrote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

All conversations within an organization shape and form the culture of the organization. They are stories that people tell about their beliefs, mindset and values, and they greatly influence actions people take. Want to change the organization? Change the conversations.

When you peel back the layers, communication is simply a series of vocal acts between two or more people. The research shows that being able to engage in dialogue that includes both inquiry and advocacy, is fundamental to accessing the collective intelligence in a group. We believe that leaders and teams can achieve astonishing results and sustainable change when they are able to create space to improve the quality of the conversations and engage in dialogue.

Performance is directly tied to leadership effectiveness.

An organization’s performance is directly tied to the effectiveness of its senior leaders. An improvement in performance requires leaders (at all levels) to be working on their inner game of leadership.

Organizations are perfectly designed to get the results that they get.

While it can be convenient to place blame on someone or something, everyone plays in a role in how teams and organizations perform. Whether we like the results we’re getting or not, the first step is accepting that there is a part we each play in those results. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.” To change something, start from within and build a new model that makes the old one obsolete (- adapted from R. Buckminster Fuller).

Challenges are addressed from a whole system view.

When big challenges arise, addressing the surface cause is not sustainable. We help you uncover the hidden issues and look at the problem from a systemic view, honoring interrelated issues and never underestimating the impact of even a single small change.

Our work is informed by research and grounded in real-world application.

Scientific research provides a solid basis for understanding and changing human behavior. However, this research is only as good as the data we collect about what’s true for you. During our work together, we will adapt to real-time insights and learning, leading to sustainable change and measurable results.


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