Leadership is a journey, and your collaborative leadership journey begins here.

Our workshops are taught in a transformational learning style, engaging participants by turning theory into action that is grounded in agile values and principles. We help scrum masters, agile coaches, managers and leaders grow their own capacity and capability to lead the change they desire.

We are offering the April workshops through a virtual setting.

All April classes are now online.

They are redesigned to create an engaging experience that leads to transformational learning, in a virtual setting.

TeamCatapult has been leading remote experiences since 2015 and teaching remote facilitation since 2017.



Our programs give agile leaders and coaches an experience and the skills to transform their own leadership to have:

  • a positive impact on those they lead
  • enable more engaging and collaborative work
  • enhance their ability to take their organization to the next level

The mindset of Agile is fundamentally changing the way we work and lead. Done well, the mindset and principles go well beyond the bounds of IT projects and into leadership circles and teams across the organization, up and down the org chart.

The agile mindset can be applied to any team accomplishing any work – whether day to day routines or project-based – with the same level of success, sometimes doubling or tripling productivity.

The keystone of the agile framework is collaboration — our courses help leaders and team members develop critical collaboration skills such as those typically deployed by professional executive coaches and facilitators, and now these skills are accessible to everyone.

Agile Collaborative Leadership Development Path

The keystone of the agile mindset and framework is collaboration — we have created a development path to help leaders and team members, at all levels, develop critical collaboration skills in facilitation, coaching, mentoring, team coaching and leading change. These skills and mindsets learned through our course work support leaders in empowering teams, enabling self-organizing teams, effectively facilitating agile practices, growing and developing others, creating a learning environment, and leading agile transformations.

We help teams, managers and leaders grow their leadership capacity and develop facilitation, coaching and transformation skills, skills necessary to lead agile transformations or just simply looking to work in a more productive and effective manner.

Through this work you will be better able to:

  • lead sustainable change
  • deconstruct challenges
  • innovate solutions
  • foster collaboration
  • build in ownership & accountability
  • enhance communication¬†
  • drive continuous improvement in execution

We deliver on these benefits by enhancing fundamental collaborative leadership skills through our 5 core courses (see below) as well as our 1-1 consulting and coaching services.

5 Core Team Catapult Courses

The Agile Team Facilitation course is a prerequisite for both Advanced Facilitation and Agile Coaching.

Agile Coaching for Executives is a standalone course for organizations who have committed to developing coaching expertise in house. The workshop is designed for executives to bring forward some of the same coaching skills that agile teams are using to enhance their work with individuals and teams, and apply them to the other parts of the organization.

Making Change Happen in Agile Teams is a standalone course that is beneficial to those who have some level of training and experience in facilitation and coaching skills, and who are responsible for leading change.  

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