About Leadership, Horses and The Importance of Trust

Weekend Woes Turned In a Lesson in Leadership We were scheduled to take the horses, Cranberry and Faust, out for... Read more

How Do You Facilitate for Unexpected and Unplanned Magic?

How is your remote work going?   Are you missing those things you can’t plan for? Are you not having those... Read more

The Coaching Conversation with Marsha Acker

This past Spring I was asked to be on The Coaching Conversation Podcast with host Salah Elleithy of SparkAgility. As... Read more

How To Lead with Virtual Team Facilitation

During a recent two-day Virtual Team Facilitation workshop, one of our attendees Lisa created several visuals that demonstrate the activities... Read more

How To Best Guide Your Team With Virtual Team Facilitation

Leaders, is your team scattered across the nation, or the globe? Are you struggling to keep your team focussed, cohesive... Read more

Why We hold Check-in and Check-out as a Sacred Space

The Practice of Check-In: How Voicing and Listening Create Opportunities for Deeper Engagement by Kari McLeod and Marsha Acker Check-In... Read more

Five Guiding Principles of an Agile Team Facilitation Stance

Collaboration Is a Core Value In Agile Regardless of the agile framework(s) you use, agile practices require some level of... Read more

How To Lead in a Connected but Separate Space

What Can Make Online Learning Challenging?  By: Marsha Acker, Antoinette Coetzee, Kay Harper, and Kari McLeod As we’ve been having... Read more

A Crash Course in Translating Your Process to a Virtual Setting

Your meeting room is all prepared. Your templates, markers, and sticky notes are at hand. But you and your client... Read more

Showing Up and Engaging: How We Put It All into Practice

How We Put Agile Leadership into Practice How we choose to show up and how we choose to engage as... Read more

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