How Courage Can Create Safety

Research shows that the number one contributor to team effectiveness is psychological safety. According to research by individuals like Amy Edmondson and the Project Aristotle study by Google, this means that it is critical to create a space where team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other. Leaders […]

Can Improv Help You Grow Servant Leaders?

by Jardena London.  Servant Leadership is all the rage nowadays.  But it’s been around for almost 50 years.  Robert Greenleaf coined the phrase in 1970.  “The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person […]

Listening is a Choice and a Competency

I used to believe that I listened really well. That was until I found myself sitting in my professional coach training class doing an exercise on listening. After that 15 min exercise I was humbled by how I was hearing what was being said but not actually listening. Instead, I was thinking about how I […]

Intentional Listening Means Being Curious

Are we listening? Maybe. But how?   Chances are good that we don’t think much about how we listen. We just do it as we always have. Maybe when we were younger, we were told to be quiet while someone else was speaking.  Maybe we listen harder when we hear someone purposefully whispering or talking about […]

Designing Your Meetings With Purpose

Your role as facilitator no longer depends on your opinion or even on your expertise about the content. A facilitator has the responsibility to assess the situation, the people and plan productive meetings, all while remaining neutral and staying out of the content.  Your role as facilitator no longer depends on your opinion or even […]

Your Job is to Unlock the Answers Within

Asking powerful questions over giving advice is the foundation of a coaching approach. The days of the rambling monologue are over. Thankfully. Agile team leaders today are expected to stimulate conversation and collaboration. As Forbes Magazine describes, “today’s great leaders understand how to unlock hidden value and unleash creativity and passion with the use of […]

Rich Understanding & Communication for Rich Results

Heineken’s new viral video has an important message about the role that container building and conversation plays in overcoming barriers and conflicts. Check it out… Politics in the United States is providing us with a heightened sense of awareness about our differences. But these kinds of exchanges are not new, we’re just lately watching them […]

TeamCatapult and The Grove Consultants announce Partnership for Virtual Team Facilitation Course

TeamCatapult and The Grove Consultants International have formed a partnership to co-deliver the Virtual Team Facilitation course. The partnership leverages TeamCatapult’s proven core curriculum for agile coaches and leaders and The Grove’s expertise in virtual environments, graphic facilitation and team development.  The launch of this class takes the foundational mindset and skills of agile team […]

Agile Coach: From Accidental to Intentional

From a “Guide” to a Coach My first work as a coach occurred accidentally in the late ‘90s working in a fast-growing software company. Developers and system engineers were rapidly being promoted to management jobs without any previous management experience.  To help them through this transition, I was designated as their guide.  Not realizing this […]