Agile Coach: From Accidental to Intentional

From a “Guide” to a Coach My first work as a coach occurred accidentally in the late ‘90s working in a fast-growing software company. Developers and system engineers were rapidly being promoted to management jobs without any previous management experience.  To help them through this transition, I was designated as their guide.  Not realizing this […]

Why Being Wrong Matters

Collaborative Leadership

How you do anything is how you do everything…including how you manage, perceive and continue to lead a team when you’re wrong. Discover why and how you can navigate this professionally and easily. Have you ever been wrong? Ever had that moment of “Wow! I really misjudged that situation…” or “Yikes! I just cut that […]

Agile Team Facilitation: Maintaining Neutrality

  ROI Is in Improved Trust and Collective Intelligence Within the Team This post is the 2nd in a series that dives into the Cornerstones of the Agile Team Facilitation Stance. This element, Maintaining Neutrality, being the toughest to embrace and employ, is where we’ll begin. Ready? The concept In its simplest terms, the role […]

Five Guiding Principles of an Agile Team Facilitation Stance

agile collaboration

Collaboration is a core value in agile. Regardless of the agile framework(s) you use, agile practices require some level of collaboration within teams or between teams, customers and stakeholders. Collaboration is two or more people coming together to co-create something. When collaboration is effective it can have a euphoric feeling of accomplishment, success, trust and […]

Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams

Changing business patterns

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation having a “Groundhog Day” moment, thinking that you’ve already had this conversation before? As human beings, we’re good at patterns; they get created by the habits we have. Some habits are conscious (we know we’re doing them), while others are unconscious (we’re not aware […]

What Successful Agile Team Facilitators Know

In some cultures, it’s a badge of honor to be participating in three virtual calls at the same time, or be multitasking during a meeting, or even be running between meetings. Yet, behaviors such as these are a reflection of organizational flaws in the way we meet. When you’re trying to collaborate on a project, […]

7 Tips to Improve Your Team Facilitation Skills

Improve Team Facilitation

Teams don’t develop synergy overnight. Building synergy takes time and effective facilitation. Team Facilitation starts with developing the right mindset and meeting preparation process. It’s informed by the things you believe as a facilitator, such as believing the group has the collective wisdom to solve the challenge at hand. Being aware of your bias means […]

Who is a Leader of Collaboration?

Last week, I had the honor of sitting in a room with 22 leaders who inspired me. These leaders have taken on a challenge few of us would be willing to attempt: increasing collaboration in an organization that does not reward it. The fact is, many organizations have structures and systems that value the right […]