Finding Courage: Ready to Develop and Master your Facilitation Stance?

What is courage? cour.age  – the ability to do something that frightens one In chapter 6 of my book “The... Read more

How to Help a Team Become More Agile: Upholding the Agile Mindset

Upholding the agile mindset is the fifth principle of the Agile Team Facilitation Stance.  The five principles include: Maintaining Neutrality... Read more

Leadership is a Conversation: The Importance of Creating Space for Dialogue

On May 20, 2021 I was a guest speaker at the Business Agility Meetup – Twin Cities edition.  This BAM... Read more

How and Why Holding the Group’s Agenda is Paramount in Facilitation

As a facilitator, holding the group’s agenda is one of five guiding principles to keep the meeting moving forward.  When... Read more

How to Work with Conflict in Teams: The Agile Team Facilitation Stance

I always say: “A great leader is ready to merge from everyone!”  Today I would like to share my recent... Read more

Group Dynamics: How to Honor the Wisdom of the Group

When groups convene, they have the power to create something together that would not be possible from the thinking of... Read more

How To Navigate Team Conflict and Stand Steadfast in the Storm

Within a group, storms emerge from opposition and high-tension situations.  While storms are places of difference, they are also places... Read more

3 Great Ways to Maintain Neutrality in Meetings as the Facilitator

Whether your meeting takes place in person or virtually, someone has to be in charge of the meeting. Someone has... Read more

The Five Cornerstones of the Agile Team Facilitation Stance Explained

The Art & Science of Facilitation Book Tour On March 9, 2021 I was the guest speaker at Agile Austin... Read more

Celebrating a Journey to Masterful Agile Team Coaching: Cohort Edition

After a successful 2020 inaugural cohort “Coaching Agility from Within” we are several months into the next cohort program and... Read more


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