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Team Facilitation: Who Are We Facilitating?

While listening and watching one of the five Virtual Book Tour stops for ‘The Art & Science of Facilitation‘, one of the participants had one of those moments of clarity that we might describe as ‘an aha-moment’.

Art Moore of Clear Systems, LLC was listening in on my conversation with Ahmed Sidky, Deborah Grayson Riegel, Lyssa Adkins and Tricia Broderick. The topic of that Virtual Book tour stop was: Leadership is a conversation: The importance of facilitating collaborative conversations. 

Here is what happened in Art’s own words.

Who Are We Facilitating?

By: Art Moore

We talk a lot about the collective power of the group.  The whole is greater than the parts.  Believe in the ability of the team.  These are great principles.  And yet I have always sensed they were somehow incomplete, not the exact story.

I can only say this in retrospect, after a recent moment of clarity.  It happened while I was sitting in on one of Marsha Acker’s virtual book tour events for her new book, The Art and Science of Facilitation. She and the astonishing panel she’d assembled[1] had begun talking about achieving a level of co-creation; and the missing piece fell in place.

For me, that missing piece, the underlying truth, is that a great facilitator, leader, human, starts first with belief in the individual; that one person and the fountain of creative potential they possess.

Belief in people really means belief in many individuals and, as individuals, their ability to co-create.  It is each individual rising above himself to create with others who are also creating.  As the panel said, this is not “mere” collaboration.  It is not just more, but different.  It is each reaching fully and their ideas co-mingling with others who are doing the same.

The orchestra analogy is apt.  This viewpoint and approach, pushed out to its boundary, promoted out as a model of leadership and working, establishes a new North Star not just for individual leaders but for human society. “Here is what I am tremendously interested in.  Are you interested in it too?  Let’s go together.”  There is an idea, but it can be fully co-owned.

So we’re not really honoring “the group.”  We’re believing in something much more powerful.  The ability of individuals to co-create.  It is no small skill.  It is, I believe, the skill, the one that will elevate us to the society we are capable of becoming together.

[1] Marsha Acker, Ahmed Sidky, Deborah Grayson Riegel, Lyssa Adkins and Tricia Broderick

Are you curious about the rest of this conversation?
We recorded all of it and it’s available right here!

Our gratitude goes out to Art Moore for sharing his experience with us.

Art Moore, Author

Art Moore

Mr. Moore’s career spans software development, practice management, methodology development, training and strategic consulting, in both federal and private sectors. He has provided industry thought leadership in multiple disciplines, from data warehousing, to business rules, requirements engineering and Agile, and brings decades of experience in building high performing teams. That is the focus of Clear Systems LLC, which he founded in 2005, providing Lean/Agile training, coaching, and transformation at the team and organization level. (CSP, CSPO, CSM, CAL1, Scrum@Scale, LeSS, SPC, KMP II, ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC, ICP-BAF, Certified ICAgile Instructor

Republished with permission

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About Marsha Acker

Marsha Acker | CPF, CPCC, PCC, ICE-AC, ICAgile Coaching Track Co-Founder, CEO of TeamCatapult, LLC

Marsha coaches leaders and teams, who want to work in a more agile manner and lead change in their organization. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Structural Dynamics Interventionist through the Kantor Institute and Dialogix. Her coach training is from Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationships.

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