Happy New Year!

What a year 2020 has been, for all of us. What happened to the world and our families was unprecedented. Who could have predicted the year 2020 would be the year of a pandemic? 

As the world changed, so did our businesses. TeamCatapult certainly made adjustments as to how we work and those changes were reflected right here on our blog!

Therefore, before we move into 2021, we invite you to take a quick look back at the most impactful articles of 2020 from the TeamCatapult blog.

the best of TeamCatapult 2020


We started off the year with an article about mentorship by guest blogger Shree.

The takeaway from the Agile Coaching program where Shree learned about being a mentor is this:

“As a mentor, ask thought-provoking questions and help find mentee generated solutions instead of just giving advice. Mentoring works best when advising is kept to a minimum.”

Wow, did we know how much we were going to need mentors, leaders and guidance when this article was first published in January 2020?

Agile Leadership

In February, we published a three-part series about Agile Leadership.

Leadership is more than showing up and engaging

Agile Leadership is about putting it into practice

Little did we know how quickly we all would be challenged to do just that!

Translating Your Process to a Virtual Setting

Then March hit…and the world stopped. Social distancing meant that we all needed to learn to translate our processes to a virtual setting

Thanks to another guest blogger, Rachel S. Smith, those who were struggling with needing to deliver a previously face-to-face session remotely including strategy, visioning, brainstorming and decision-making were able to get answers.

Rachel’s tips and tools were a comfort to many and a starting point to those hesitant to go virtual.

Leading in a Separate Space

By the end of April, TeamCatapult had successfully pivoted to present all our courses in a virtual setting for the foreseeable future. Four of our leaders teamed up and wrote ‘How to lead in a connected and separate space’ to provide a roadmap to how to lead in the age of COVID-19.

Virtual Team Facilitation

In June it was apparent that the pandemic of 2020 was affecting all aspects of life and business as we knew it. 

That month, we published not one but two virtual team facilitation articles.

How to best guide your team with virtual team facilitation

How to lead with virtual team facilitation

virtual team facilitation workshop

Magic Facilitation

By mid-summer the stress of the pandemic, coupled with social distancing and working remote, got the best of us. We were all longing for the magic of human interaction!

The question that came to us then was “How do you facilitate for unexpected and unplanned magic?”

Virtual work can be better suited for those planning types of collaboration – setting the goal, tracking the progress, talking about risks, prioritizing the work. What happens though, is that you can become so efficient and focused on the task that you end up factoring out the human connections and the random creativity.

From this question, this article was created! 

If you are still in need, like so many of us, and are looking for some magic and human interaction, make sure to read this!

Mastery in Agile Team Coaching! 

Last but not least, this guest article by Antoinette Coetzee lays out the path to Agile Team Coaching mastery, which is through competency! 

What’s Next for TeamCatapult in 2021?

We are kicking off 2021 with a Virtual Book Tour to celebrate “The Art & Science of Facilitation

Check out the book website and the book tour and get your copy of the book. 

virtual book tour

If you want to know what else TeamCatapult is up to in 2021, read this! Cohort participants will be working on competency all throughout the year!

“The combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately result in organizational success.”

What’s Next for You in 2021? Cultural Shifts for Change

A comprehensive cultural shift is needed for organizations to create sustainable change. The key to keeping up in a rapidly changing work environment and global marketplace is to scale leadership—and scale in new ways.

Is your organization ready for change?

Start here!

About Marsha Acker

Marsha Acker | CPF, CPCC, PCC, ICE-AC, ICAgile Coaching Track Co-Founder, CEO of TeamCatapult, LLC

Marsha coaches leaders and teams, who want to work in a more agile manner and lead change in their organization. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Structural Dynamics Interventionist through the Kantor Institute and Dialogix. Her coach training is from Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationships.

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