Advanced Facilitation

Self-Mastery and Reading Group Dynamics

Training Event Includes:

  • 2 days of advanced facilitation training
  • Training Supplies, including the Kantor Behavioral Baseline Profile
  • Access to the TeamCatapult Resource Hub

Total Cost:

  • $1,870 Early bird price
  • $2,200 Regular
  • $1,760 per person – Register 5 or more

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“Once leaders start facilitating meetings and conversations using a facilitation stance, they are so amazed by the results they want to deepen their expertise in working with the complexities of group dynamics, this course was designed for them to do just that.” – Marsha Acker

Develop your abilities to

  • Read the room and reveal hidden dynamics beneath the surface
  • Increase awareness of your own leadership range
  • Learn to see and work with conflict
  • Diagnose and change stuck dynamics


Advanced Facilitation is about increasing self-awareness of your own leadership range.

Why? You’ll be able to better read a room behaviorally and name the hidden dynamics beneath the surface of the group. All to this end: you’ll effectively help the group modify their behaviors to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Advanced Facilitation course was designed to deepen your self-awareness and group awareness so that you will also :

  • Know your own behavioral model
  • Be aware of how your model of communication impacts how you work with others
  • Identify and shift stuck patterns in teams that may be impacting their effectiveness
  • Enable teams to become more self-correcting
  • Give teams a language for skillfully having tough conversations with each other

Detailed Description

This workshop will take you on a personal journey to deepen your leadership practice as facilitator, coach or team leader – building your own capacity to lead and work collaboratively in order to help others do the same.

You will be introduced to processes that will help you be more adept at identifying communication challenges in groups and helping them unlock the wisdom that resides within.

Becoming more adept

You will be introduced to techniques that will help you be more adept at identifying communications challenges in groups and helping them unlock the wisdom that resides within the group.

You will bring your real-world experiences to the table and use them to deepen your learning and ability to work with group dynamics at a much deeper level.

You will leave the Advanced Facilitation course with a deepened self-awareness and a model for working with difficult group dynamics.

Are you ready to:

  • Expand your skill in ‘reading the room’ and be able to reveal the hidden dynamics beneath the surface of the group in order to help
    the team modify their behavior for enhanced dialogue and collaborative performance?
  • Understand your Kantor Behavioral Baseline Profile – which will give you your preferences in three levels of Structural Dynamics:
    Actions, Operating Systems and Communication Domains?
  • Discover how to apply your Kantor Profile to common day-to-day interactions?
  • Increase awareness of your own preferred style of communication?
  • Identify and work with typical behavioral tendencies and group dynamics?
  • Practice a range of ways to change ‘stuck’ dynamics and patterns?
  • Explore how to work with conflict and high stakes when it arises in a team?

Course Materials

You'll receive:

Full color, spiral-bound participant guide and toolkit

A Kindle or iBooks copy of the participant guide, available for download after the class

Kantor Behavioral Profile online assessment (to be completed prior to the course)

Recommended Pre-Courses:

Previous facilitation training or be able to demonstrate your knowledge of facilitation skills.

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