Leaders of Change™

Initiating and Leading Collective Sustainable Change

Change is everywhere and the complexity and frequency of change within organizations continues to increase. Never has there been a greater challenge to bring forward the notion of change leadership. Organizations are complex, change happens more quickly, there is never really a ‘fixed’ end state, and solutions are not easily determined in advance.

Leaders of Change are collaborative and adaptive. They understand that organizations don’t change, but the people in them do. They are navigators, inspiring others to envision new possibilities and enrolling others in the process. Leaders of Change are in the people business. They have big dreams and a fierce drive to achieve results. They create tribes that believe what they believe and who help forge the path to get there. To be in the business of change is to be in the business of leading others.

Change starts with conversation.
Want to change your organization?
Change your conversation first.

Program Objectives

The objective is simple – build your internal capability to lead complex strategic change.

  • Differentiate between change management and change leadership
  • Understand and be able to explain the concept of systems thinking
  • Differentiate between technical and adaptive type changes
  • Be able to develop and implement strategies for leading complex change
  • Design and facilitate various types of group interventions using dialogue, facilitation and
    coaching skills
  • Work with group dynamics and use dialogue to facilitate change

Duration: 3 days

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